Fancy New Update Info!!!

For Release:

        As we blaze through this autumn season, we get closer to seeing the end of our renovations at Battery Park. All of the taps are in, the lines have been run and tested by Peter. Mark is deep in a world of ferments and pickles and menu prep. And you, our faithful following are wondering about when you can see/taste/smell all that we have to offer.

         Building a BeerBar... like dropping sections of a bridge, has its challenges. Our target for opening is now mid to late November. Meaning just as the weather starts to get colder and the trek across the bridge becomes more daunting due to the big lift, Dartmouth will have a great new beer bar and eatery to call their own.

Here are some shots of how things are/have been looking around Battery Park the last while and what you, the crowdfunder have been able to help along with your contributions. As always, we will have more to come in the near future and as we reach our opening, the excitement can be heard and seen on both sides of the garb our and our soon-to-be-open doors. 

Signing Off.

That's it! We're done. We're out'a here. it's all kaput!

Sorry, no more rewards, no more choices. It's all finished... we're outa here!

We'll get all the details organized, and get back to you shortly... especially those who supported us in the first place... and throughout this campaign.

It was a blast... especially the last couple of days, for sure.

Let's get together soon... and do this again. No really... we should.

Signing off.

Bye... for now.

The Last Call... by the Numbers!

$35,263.00 (I can't even keep up with the total at this point)!

70.4% of the goal. Awesome! Really Awesome!!!

$7,650 in one day. Very Cool!

Just about 190 supporters dishing out an average of $185 bucks each to get some serious dishes at the table produced by one of the regions best chefs, Chef Mark Gray accompanied by some of the best beers produced in the region by Peter Burbridge of North Brewing Company.

3 minutes to go!

Bye for now, or Join right now. 

By The Numbers

$50,000 goal.

60 Day campaign run.

$32,188.00 raised as of 8pm tonight.

64.4% of the way there.

$17,812 to go.

4 hours to go.


178 Supporters that we want to thank, thank, thank… and who will get their just rewards; at least 23 of which are returning contributors, and some of which were serial supporters here… you know who you are.


9 tiers to choose from.

7,354 visits to this site.


1 supporter makes a difference.

2 adds up to more.

3 is a crowd!


We want to thank everyone who took a look.

We want to thank everyone who considered joining.

We want to thank those that did, and passed it on to their crowd.


Then again… if you didn’t join…

Do it NOW!

One For The Road

Ok. So now is the time to get serious about this crowdfund. 

This is where the rubber meets the road. 

This is when you have to get off the fence. Throw caution to the wind. Make the right decision, and get your just reward.

This is where you need to talk to your spouse, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, about that $75 tier… where the two of you can come to Downtown Dartmouth for a nice evening out at Battery Park and enjoy some amazing beers and taste some serious, award-winning, food in a place dedicated to Dartmouth but meant to be shared by all!

This is where you call up some of your friends, neighbors, or coworkers and talk them into chipping in for an exclusive Private Sunday Dinner, or the $2,500 tier where just about any idea you have, we’ll entertain… staff party, birthday bash, wedding rehearsal after party… whatever. As long as it’s in good taste and doesn’t break any laws… we’re in!

Or maybe something a little more “for me”; like getting a $50 gift card to spend on yourself every month for a few years down the road. Then again, maybe the $400 tier is more your style… so you can share a bunch of gift cards all around.

There are lots of choices, but very, very little time to make that choice. Actually, there are less than 6 hours to go before we pull the plug and shut down this site.

It’s been some ride, especially today! We’re at $4,300 in contributions since this morning, with a total of $31,913.00 for the project to date. That’ 64% towards our overall goal of $50,000.

I promised a “By The Numbers 4.0” blog today. That’s coming later this evening… but for now, I’ll leave you with this… the best spokesperson ever on the subject at hand… this is one for the road.

But of course, you can still just Join Up Right Now ------ >>>>>


It's great to start the day with a $1,000 contribution in what remains the last few days of this crowdfunding project. Since then, we’ve seen another $437.50 come in today. The evening is yet to come.

As I said many times throughout this campaign, just a few supporters can make a big difference each day, and each day makes a big difference toward achieving the final goal! 

It certainly inspires me to see how it all adds up. Of course, it isn’t really me that makes it all happen; it's up to those who view these posts, read the blog, and get inspired to join; that's where the real action is; that’s how it adds up.

I have this nervous energy to see what happens next! Maybe nothing much… or something quite amazing! It all comes down to the next 56 hours! 

Hmmmm… there’s that number “56” again.

So, stay tuned with me as the final days begin to wind down.


By The Numbers... No.2.

46: days since we started this crowdfunding project on August 7th. 

10: days remaining as of right now... and the countdown begins in earnest!

18,450: where we sit right now.

50,000: where we want to be by September 30th, midnight.

36.9%: where we are percentage wise.

Let's get it past 50% in the next few days... the clock is ticking!

Later today we are going to make some minor changes to this website to make it easier for you to make a final decision to join in the crowd, but you don't have to wait till then to send your support our way. This crowdfund is winding down, and when its done, its done. If you've been sitting on the fence, jump off with both feet right now; you have everything to gain in this win-win project. You join the crowd and you get the benefit. 

Another part to this crowdfund that's happening behind the scenes is an effort to connect with some of the surrounding community based services to offer our support once the campaign ends; a portion of the proceeds we collect through your support will go to one or two, or more of these deserving members of the community who are doing good work. So Joining the crowd has an added feature built into it, making it a win-win-win situation.

Right now keep in mind this is Day 10 in a countdown to zero and we haven't reached our goal. The closer we get there the more win-win-win happens.

More on all this later today. Right now I have to get back to building a keg fridge!

Join up!


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