Fancy New Update Info!!!

For Release:

        As we blaze through this autumn season, we get closer to seeing the end of our renovations at Battery Park. All of the taps are in, the lines have been run and tested by Peter. Mark is deep in a world of ferments and pickles and menu prep. And you, our faithful following are wondering about when you can see/taste/smell all that we have to offer.

         Building a BeerBar... like dropping sections of a bridge, has its challenges. Our target for opening is now mid to late November. Meaning just as the weather starts to get colder and the trek across the bridge becomes more daunting due to the big lift, Dartmouth will have a great new beer bar and eatery to call their own.

Here are some shots of how things are/have been looking around Battery Park the last while and what you, the crowdfunder have been able to help along with your contributions. As always, we will have more to come in the near future and as we reach our opening, the excitement can be heard and seen on both sides of the garb our and our soon-to-be-open doors. 

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