What North Brewing is up to...

Just in case you missed it; North Brewing Company is a major part of Battery Park, taking up the entire first floor at 62 Ochterloney for a Craft Beer Store and onsite Brewery. But here's a part of the story that is more... behind the scenes. North is working toward making some big ideas happen for the company through the success of this project. Here is an excerpt from Peter & Josh's mission statement:

"As part of this project, North Brewing will take a major step towards it’s zero emissions goal by powering a brand new brew house on Agricola Street with bio diesel.  Bio diesel that will be made from spent cooking oil collected from bars and restaurants that we supply with beer! This means that all the hot water needed for the production brewery and all the energy required to boil the beers will be coming from recycled oil.

North Brewing started incredibly small with a vision to work toward a zero emissions ideal, and after two and a half years has grown to a point where we can make a significant investment towards this goal. Thanks to everyone who has supported North from the beginning and believed in our vision. 

This is an exciting time for North; we have a long way to go but are proud of this big step forward!"

Since North Brewing's partnership in Battery Park is integral to the vision and plans expressed above, the success of our crowdfunding project found on this website through your support will play a huge role in reaching that vision!

Battery Park is more than just a new beerbar and eatery in Downtown Dartmouth; we want to be a big part of the community as a whole... and this is a good start toward that relationship.

Please consider supporting this project in good taste.


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