Week #2

This is the second full week of our crowdfunding project. We got off to a great start when we announced our plans, and as with all CFs, we're seeing a lull in participation and chatter. Usually, the initial peak of interest diminishes for a while, then people re-engage in the middle and near the end of a campaign; crowdfunds all seem to work that way.

We would rather this CF remain consistent throughout its run, assuring a successful reach to our goal. If we hit the mark early, we can keep going and Dartmouth can break some records. Wouldn't that be cool! It would certainly be something to talk about.

Our first, and most successful CF to date was to fund our patio extension at the Brooklyn Warehouse  back in 2012. We raised $23,200 from 116 backers. Our goal at the time was $30,000 to offset half the cost of the reno which was shared with our landlord. We came close, but regardless, that funding went a long way to making the bump of such a major and disruptive event at the restaurant much easier to absorb logistically and financially.

Those 116 contributors saw the benefit their contribution made on the restaurant, to their community, and ultimately for themselves; and those benefits continue to this day. The simple truth of the matter is that it's a win, win situation all around.

Just like Battery Park & North's on-site brewery at 62 Ochterloney, this CF campaign is more ambitious, but no different in scope than our previous efforts in funding. We believe offsetting the costs of borrowing, and giving the "interest" back to the customer will set this project on the right footing for a quick transition from startup to a stable member of the community... and the dollars stay here, in this community.

We need to get the ball rolling on contributions and we need to sustain the project if we're going to make our goal. Your help in making this all happen will be rewarded with some serious food & drink options and events. There are 43 days left; that's 6 weeks to make a $30,000 dent in our funding needs.

So, now is the time to join the crowd! Don't wait.

While journeying toward the goal, we will be announcing additional events and some surprises along the way... like the Beard Challenge, so stay tuned for that by subscribing to this page.

 But what better time is there for getting involve? None, do it now by going to our Crowdfund Page, and consider what option makes the most sense for you. It's all in good taste!

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