Challenge #1

       When we sat down and went through what we wanted to offer customers for their crowdfund contributions, we spent quite a while throwing ideas around the table before we arrived at our final list. Then, we got to thinking. Why don't we ask YOU, the customer,  what you'd like to see as a 100$ tier option!

      So, here's how it will work. When you contribute to our $25 tier (including all those who have already done so), we'll ask that you suggest an option for our $100 tier! If we choose your suggestion you will get that tier FOR FREE!! You'll be prompted to put in your suggestion when you purchase the $25 tier.  We will choose the winner this coming Monday, August 31st! 

      We want this campaign to be something that everyone is excited to be a part of so why not include you, our contributors, in the very design of it?!  Also, we want those who have already contributed to spread the word to their own networks and engage your friends in this project! After all, we are all one community, so let's get on board and join the crowd!! 

Head over to our CROWDFUND PAGE to get started!!



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