A funny thing happened on the way to the market...

Actually, a wonderful thing happened yesterday right in our neighborhood!

First, Battery Park saw it's highest most contribution total in a single day; $1,750!! If we were to keep that up from this point on, or at lease come close... we would easily reach our goal of $50,000 by the end of September.

Think about that Dartmouth! That would have to be a record-breaker in the region... right? It would certainly make some heads turn and get some buzz going.

Second, and even more awesome, was receiving a one-time single contribution of $1,000 from Renée Lavallée, Chef-Owner of The Canteen, which shares space with Two If By Sea, literally next door to Battery Park. One can talk about a friendly competition among pears, respectful competitors in the market, or even playful adversaries in the field... pardon the obvious typo and farm market references. But truth be told, we have a great respect for the Feisty Chef!

And there aren't too many neighborhoods that can boast a Gold Medal Plates Winner (Chef Renée) and her 1st. Runner-Up "competitor", our own Chef Mark Gray... but here they are, nestled together in one blog, one crowdfunding project, and one single neighborhood - all in Downtown Dartmouth.

Check out Renée's reward for her $1,000 contribution, it's an inspired return on her investment, in more ways than one... and she get's it; she knows what its all about. The reward extends far beyond the monetary, both for Renée and for us at Battery Park. It extends into what we can all offer back to the place where we live and do business.

If you want to make the same kind of difference, go to our Crowdfunding Page and take a look at your options. The bottom line, no matter what you contribute, you get something in return, something tangible and something that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside too. Then again, if you drink enough of Peter's beer, you'll get the same fussy feeling inside... but that's a different story. 

Renée, and all you other wonderful contributors from yesterday and all the days before... THANK YOU!


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