September 1st.; and 29 days to go!

So, this is where it gets interesting.

A real challenge!

The true countdown has just begun.

29 days remain in this crowdfunding project and we want to see how interest ramps up as we get closer, and closer to the end game. It always does. So come on board right now, or stay tuned as September 30th fast approaches. Either way, jump in and see what this crazy idea of crowdfunding is all about.

We started this 26 days ago on August 7th. We're nearly halfway to the end of the campaign. But we have a long way to go to reach our goal of $50,000. That's an average of about $1,600 each day from this point on. We're confident  that Dartmouth will pull together and make this something to talk about... either that, or Halifax will. Does that sound like a challenge?

Dartmouth vs. Halifax; there's a new concept!

Now, before we start something... let's remember there's a bridge (or two) keeping this community together. And here's a little ditty to put the whole thing into perspective; and although a ditty by definition is a song... we think this comes very close to singing our tune.

Check it out.


Speaking of challenges... Leo has been talking about his beard a lot lately. He wants to shave it off but has kept it because we shot the videos for this project with his beard on. He insists he wants to shave it off, but we say he can't... no one would recognize him!

Enter the Beard Challenge.

If we take the $1,600 daily average we now need to reach our goal and extend that out for the next two weeks, halfway remaining, that's a total of $30,000 toward our ultimate goal of $50,000 funded by you, the public. If we hit that mark ($30k) by Monday, September 14th, Leo gets to shave it off. If not, he has to keep it through the winter.

You choose. This happy camper... or the baby-face underneath?

It's really up to you, and you can do it with as little as $25 or as much as $2,500. How much of a crowd can you bring on board through your own social network also plays a role in keeping the beard or getting a clean cut.

Today, we received $1,150 from like-minded people who see the value of what is basically... a lay-away plan; one with a built in reward; interest in the form of great taste and a great cause... helping to bring more variety into the neighborhood and Dartmouth as a whole!

There are more challenges and surprises coming, but the biggest surprise would be in reaching the goal and seeing all those contributors get their just rewards once our doors open, along with the community spirit that comes with it. Ultimately, we're trying to have fun with it, and the $7,600 to date will still go a long way in helping out with the bottom line and the renovations that need to be done.

We'd rather pay the interest back to you for helping out in the form of food & drink, rather than cash to a bank. Simple.

Join the Crowd, and pass it on.

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