14 Days to GO!

So from this point on, I'm going to post daily (if not more often) as we approach the end of this Crowdfund Project. The goal now is to build that momentum that crowdfunding efforts see near the end of their scheduled runs.

CFs typically see an initial bump when announced and then interest wanes for most of the run... then near the end, those that became aware of the drive at some point regain their interest, especially if it initially made sense to them to join... but they put it off.

This post is for those folks.

There are only 14 days left to get in on some great food and drink that you would otherwise not receive after we open Battery Park - if not just to sport one of our cool T-Shirt around town. Each and every tier was designed to attract someone's attention and level of comfort in supporting the establishment of Battery Park and building a community of like-minded people, who would not only appreciate having such an amenity in their own neighborhood, but a cool place for all of Dartmouth... and Halifax... and any other surrounding community within reach.

As with Brooklyn's previous two CFs, we are getting support from places outside of just the Downtown Dartmouth District; Halifax residents are in on this - especially North Enders, who are literally just over the bridge. Support is coming from Bedford and Cole Harbour, and other areas well within a short driving distance. When you think about it... all roads lead to Dartmouth!

Check out this entire site, we've tried to make it fun and informative. Keep it bookmarked as it will morph into our website once Battery Park is up and running. We're also on Twitter and Instagram; you can stay tuned that way too... or join this crowd right now.

14 Days to GO.

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