This Just Happened!

While checking in on the Crowd, we noticed that a contribution came in from a staffer at The Brooklyn Warehouse. Seems our FOH staff got together and chipped in on the $500 tier; a private dinner for 8. We were stoked to find out they can't wait for Battery Park to open on the other side of the bridge; so much so that they are putting their own hard-earned bucks into this Crowdfund Campaign.

Of course... this got us to thinking, seeing as we're all about the challenge.

Why not issue the call to all the rest of you out there? FOH staff. BOH staff. Bar staffs. We know you all like to get out now and then and watch someone else in the weeds... You know what we mean.

Are you interested in getting together for a private Sunday Dinner and get a first-hand glimpse at Battery Park, from the inside out? Maybe get your management to join in and show their staff how much you mean to them... as a gift, say. Or, perhaps the corporate tier would work as a full-on staff party!

Yes, this crowdfunding campaign is about generating funds for the project; but its truly about more than just that. It's about generate awareness and a community spirit for those in the area and beyond. It's about bringing people to Downtown Dartmouth; whether they're from here, or Halifax, or Bedford... or wherever. It's about bringing people together for a good time, and great taste.

So, the Brooklyn FOH Crew gets it. It's about the crowd. How about the Brooklyn BOH Crew? Are you in?

How about your crew? Are you in?


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