It's great to start the day with a $1,000 contribution in what remains the last few days of this crowdfunding project. Since then, we’ve seen another $437.50 come in today. The evening is yet to come.

As I said many times throughout this campaign, just a few supporters can make a big difference each day, and each day makes a big difference toward achieving the final goal! 

It certainly inspires me to see how it all adds up. Of course, it isn’t really me that makes it all happen; it's up to those who view these posts, read the blog, and get inspired to join; that's where the real action is; that’s how it adds up.

I have this nervous energy to see what happens next! Maybe nothing much… or something quite amazing! It all comes down to the next 56 hours! 

Hmmmm… there’s that number “56” again.

So, stay tuned with me as the final days begin to wind down.


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