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This event will be reservation only. Due to the style of our space, seating will be optimized for comfort while still keeping with our communal style service. We allow a 2 hour window for your table to ensure all who are interested get a chance to enjoy the evening.




Full Menu


 Scallop, Tangerine, Tarragon, Fennel

Ceviche Sambro U/10 Scallops, Tangerine Confit, Tarragon, Fennel Fronds & Wings


Pork, Cabbage, Onion

Shaved Pork Loin, Red Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Parsnip Puree, Onion Jus


Carrot & Lobster

Carrot & White Chocolate Bisque, Poached Lobster, Roasted Corn & Walnut Gremolata


Beef, Beet, Horseradish & Rye

Braised Oxtail Roulade, Sous Vide Beets, Celery Root & Horseradish Puree, Fresh Horseradish, Rye Crumb


Halibut, Pear, Radish, Beet

Seared Sambro Halibut, Pear & Black Radish Puree, Bok Choy, Charred Pear & Baby Beet Relish


Ginger, Beer & Sourdough

Brown Butter Gingerbread, Whipped Beer Meringue, Spent Grain & Sourdough Ice Cream, Hazelnut Brittle




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